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It's Panettone Season!

It's holiday time, like every year, we love to offer one of the most quality Panettone Brand, Fiasconaro,:

Sixty years, but it doesn’t show.

It was in 1953 when Mario Fiasconaro, Fausto, Martino and Nicola Fiasconaro father start working as an ice-cream dealer and pastry chef.

At that time fridges didn’t exist. Ice cream were prepared with snow, which was stored to prepare ice creams.

Then arrived the first experience with pastry, cassatine, cannoli, “sfincioni” with ricotta cream and mountains of profiteroles, that soon become his real masterpiece.

Meanwhile, Mario, Fausto, Martino and Nicola grew up learning from their Dad, and they soon caught his expertise seizing the art of family, strongly promoting the company, at national and international level.

36 hours of sourdough

The distinctive trademark of Fiasconaro’s bakery is the sourdough, a very long process of fermentation that lasts 36 hours.

The sourdough originates from the “madre”, a fermented batter-like dough to which are added, progressively, water and flour.

It’s a process that, as always, is renewed remaining the same and with the same rhythm, and that, to happen, requires abilities, care and above all the rejection of the use of chemical additives and preservatives, ensuring, at the same time, the product, a surprisingly long life.

The dough through this absolutely natural process provides unique and not be matched qualitative characteristics as lightness and fragrance.

Homemade processGenuine and careful selection of raw materialsReliability and high quality of productsVery great choice of productsPackaging customizationsService perfomanceRespect of delivery timesMade in Italy exportation

This is Fiasconaro

A modern and continuously expanding company, that earns an high position in the area, establishing itself to the national and international market.

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