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Agrisicilia was created with the aim of turning Sicilian citrus fruit into jams, a sector in which it boasts a thirty-year experience.

Cultivation of citrus fruits in Sicily has a millenarian tradition thanks to the favorable climatic conditions. The presence of citrus fruits in Sicily is rooted in the environment itself that gives the eye a suggestive presence of the characteristic ever green gardens. And only in Sicily is it possible to produce red oranges, thanks to micro-climatic conditions that can not be reproduced anywhere else in the world.

Agrisicilia has always aimed at the quality of its products, and this is why we select only fresh citrus fruits that are sent to the processing process just picked up to maintain unaltered fragrance, flavor and fragrance. In addition, the "cleaning" is practiced strictly by hand to ensure the optimal selection of citrus fruits.

The Agrisicilia jams and marmalades are prepared by cooking in vacuum concentrating bubbles with added sugar. The product is subsequently potted, pasteurized and left to cool at room temperature so as to preserve the smells, flavors and fragrance of the citrus fruits.

This is how Agrisicilia has been preparing its jams for thirty years, fully respecting nature and its times.


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Product Details

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Net Weight 12.07 oz / 360 gr

Organic Lemon and Strawberry Marmalade

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